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Develope applications using big data

Acclereate with analytical and vertical specific modules

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Marketing Analytics

With the increasing digital footprint, you need data across all social media platforms to make every dollar work for you to create your brand. Airavat can track performance, listen to natural conversations happening in the social channels, build customer interaction patterns. Airavat can tie your unstructured data from your website transactions, social channels to your structured data residing in the CRM. This 360-degree view of the Customer helps you achieve maximum competitive advantage to drive higher customer lifetime value for your products and services.

Business Analytics

Data in large enterprises tend to remain in silos, Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) helps customers to unify these data sets to enable businesses to develop a single view of the Customer. EDW solutions drive significant cost savings to organizations as they shift multiple technologies and resource investments to one stream. An agile framework helps overcome issues related to data consistency and reliability. EDW also ensures the data is secure, fault-tolerant, and has redundancy built in to face any adverse data impact issues to the organization. We further use the world-class visualization experience for data, which makes it actionable for your real-time decision making.

Data Lake Solutions

Airavat connects to your data lake in minutes, and without requiring configuration, report building, or queries, it delivers the most important insights to you automatically. With enterprise data lakes in place, companies have started to gain various benefits from Airavat:

  • In finding value in unified data.
  • Extracting hidden opportunities (Cross-sell/Up-sell) to grow business
  • And, most importantly, achieved higher ROI on data lake investment.

AI & ML Solutions

We work with progressive enterprises to implement a modern data architecture solution that can digest high-speed data in real-time, giving predictive correlations and patterns. We do not use one shoe fits all approach for your ML and AI needs. We use state-of-the-art artificial intelligence techniques and data-driven methods to develop tailored solutions to solve your problems. To deliver the best possible results, we become part of your team and design the solution with you as we believe when our AI experts work with your subject matter experts, we can deliver the best solution.

Our Approach

The modularly structured platform is a right fit to address any of your big data objectives. Helps you to take incremental approach to achieve bigger results co-existing with your current IT ecosystem.

Data Acquisition Layer – Any Data Any Source

  • Collate, Compress and safe transfer of your log data of any type from any location in any volume .

  • Small footprints of the collation agents enable the production systems to have zero impact on servicing its clients.

  • Easy provisioning and maintenance.

Data Management

  • Organize data to meet your reporting needs.

  • Secured & Encrypted data storage in sleep mode.

  • Easier archiving of data with flexible time frames from days to years based on your business requirements.

  • On-demand access to log files of any day.

Data Utilization – use data like clay to mould your business

  • Both In-stream and In-rest analytics capability.

  • API layer provides you the choice to plug-in from spreadsheets to high-end BI tools for visualization.

  • In-built dashboards to take care of your standard reporting requirements.

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