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What is Airavat – the Analytics Platform?

Intuitive Data Integration

Airavat is an intuitive data integration platform that aggregates and transforms all your internal and external data sources into a single cloud-based solution.

Cloud Data Warehousing

Now you can automate every ETL process for cloud data warehouses, including Redshift, Big Query, Azure, or Snowflake.

Code-free Solution

As a flexible code-free solution, Airavat empowers business intelligence and data teams to focus on analysis and insights, while leaving data pipeline maintenance solely to us.

With Airavat, you can

Bring in any data of any size in any format

Everything starts with the right transformation of data. We can infuse the structured and unstructured data with little or no data preparation which removes all the challenges of the traditional ETL. It provides quick setup and allows you to maintain data dynamicity.

Machine learning for Data Integration

When you entertain data from every source the true challenge is unification of data to maintain consistency. We use Machine Learning algorithms to overcome the shortcomings of rule-based engine in handling data variety.

Build a Data Lake

Airavat builds a single source of truth by centralization of data from every data source. ur data lake provides clean and a highly structured data model designed for reporting which can provide rich insights and predictions.

Predictive Analytics

With Airavat, we bring data experts and tools as one single package. You do not need to invest in data scientists or expensive tools and technologies. We can help your business increase revenues, improve operational efficiency, optimize your marketing campaigns & reduce customer churn. You can now respond more quickly to emerging market trends and gain a competitive edge over rivals.

Why Airavat?

In a world where most companies lack the technical resources to achieve data supremacy, Airavat will find, organize, and store data for your business decisions, either as a part of your own Data Engineering department or as an extended team.
Data arrives in organizations at lightning speeds, and it is essential to create data pipelines in minutes, not hours or days. Airavat, with its pre-built connectors, can quickly hook to any data source which can drive your decisions
Our Data Engineering team has developed algorithms using AI & ML models to align with your business, thereby helping you to have the power of AI.
Data Engineering and Data Science Projects can be expensive without delivering the necessary benefits. We help you to focus on business and remove the unnecessary spend on building the data pipeline, hiring data engineers, and procure licenses to expensive tools.
At Airavat, you will gain access to the experts in field of data engineering who have proven experience in building large scale data architecture solutions across the industries.

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